Ongoing Projects

We believe that education empowers individuals to change their circumstances.  For this reason we run two sponsorship programmes - the first to ensure all the children in Kyemula have access to a good primary education and the second to give access to tertiary education to those who would not otherwise be able to take up an academic scholarship because of poverty. 


Jackie School Sponsorship 


Our sponsorship scheme enables all children in Kyemula to gain a Primary Education following the Ugandan national curriculum.  £10 per month covers school fees, uniform, stationery and two hot meals a day.   


LIU Student Sponsorships


Our Treasurer obtained 13 free, tuition-only scholarships at Livingstone International University as benefits in kind for his voluntary work with them. 3H is using the scholarships to assist students, who would not otherwise be able to access tertiary education, study.  Our students will be ambassadors within their own communities and role models for others to follow.

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